UPDATE: Logan County Officials Search for Answers After Finding Several Deceased Dogs Recently

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UPDATED 9:43 PM-- Law enforcement in Logan County are asking for help figuring out why they've seen a recent increase in animal cruelty and neglect. The bodies of four deceased dogs have been discovered in Logan County in just the past two weeks, one of them as recently as this morning.

"It's hard to say, but some of them, it was apparent they had been fought maybe. They had ears missing. Things of that nature, so I'm sure they had been fighting for some reason, others it appears they had just starved them to death and tossed them away," said Logan County Humane Society Dir. and Animal Control Officer Kathy Maddox.

The Humane Society provided us with some images of the dogs that have been discovered over the past few weeks because they wanted people to know there is a problem here, but if you choose to watch the story, we warn you, some of them are graphic.

"The dogs did appear to have injuries that were inflicted from a possible fight. They also appeared to be under-weight... extremely. They appeared emaciated like they were starved. However, without knowing where the dog came from and what's going on, we can't know for sure. We don't know who dumped the dogs. We don't know who dropped them off. It's just really helpful when people decide to give us this information," said Russellville Police Officer Mary Lynn Moore.

Officer Moore says neglect and torture like this can be considered a crime.

"Animal cruelty is 2nd degree. It's a misdemeanor. You can serve up to a year in jail. You can get fines. You can have community service, and also it's on your record. Also for animal cruelty first degree, it is a D felony, and between one to five years you can serve in jail," said Ofc. Moore.

Both Moore and Maddox say people who feel they simply cannot care for their animals can always bring them to the shelter, where they're given food, shelter and proper treatment. They say they in addition to the bodies found, they've seen an increase in the cases of frostbite, starvation and physical abuse lately. Maddox didn't want to reveal the exact locations where the deceased dogs were found to protect their investigation, but said three were found in Russellville, while the one found today was in the county.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police, or give an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers at (270) 781-CLUE.

Maddox also says those wishing to help with the costs of caring for the abused and neglected animals they take in daily, can contact the shelter. That number is (270) 726-2186.

LOGAN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) --Logan County Humane Society officials and local law enforcement are trying to figure out why they've discovered several badly beaten, deceased dogs around the county in recent weeks.

They say they recovered one in a garbage bag on the side of a road in Logan County just this morning.

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