Logan County Standoff

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The Logan County Sheriff's Department was involved in a stand off after a domestic disturbance call last night.

Deputies say they were called to a home on Deer Lick Rd. in Lewisburg last night around five.

47 year old Lisa Derr told police her husband 78 year old Gerald Derr fired several shots at her.

When police tried to get him out of the house he refused.

"When officers got there Mister Derr who is 78 years old barricaded himself inside the house. We had a stand-off for about an hour and 20 minutes before we could get in to get him," said Logan County Sheriff Wallace Whitaker.

The stand off ended when police entered the back of the house and Derr tried to run out the front.

He was caught and arrested and taken to the Logan County Detention Center.

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