Lovelace Family Seeks Answers

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Attorney and family friend Thomas Carroll remembers one of his last visits to the hospital to see judge Eddie Lovelace. "He welcomed us into his room with the big booming voice he always had, it was a very eloquent booming voice. We carried on a normal conversation though his speech was slightly off key. He had at that point been diagnosed with having a stroke. I went back on a Saturday morning and his condition had deteriorated. At that point it was kind of questionable, "why are we having this progression when he's supposed to be getting better."

Shortly after that visit Judge Lovelace passed away. The family didn't suspect anything out of the ordinary, that is until a Nashville newspaper called and told them about the link between the current meningitis outbreak and their lost loved one.

"Right now they're just wanting some answers, how did this happen." added Carroll

Lovelace received shots for back pain at St. Thomas Hospital in July. That's when recent reports say Lovelace may have possibly contracted a meningitis infection. A death once thought to be natural in nature, now looks very different.

"Eddie's wife Joyce indicated to me that she had undergone about every emotion that you can imagine."

Lovelace is remembered for his service as a judge, community leader, but most of all as the leader of a family, and his family is now sending a message.

"Don't let this happen to anybody else. Don't let another family go through what they are going through and have gone through. That's their number one concern and they still want answers."

The Lovelace family may have to wait a while before they get those answers. Vanderbilt has yet to confirm with the family, whether or not Judge Lovelace's death was a result of meningitis. They've submitted a medical records request to Vanderbilt hospital but it could be a while before they receive anything.

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