Miss Kentucky U.S.A. Crowns Winner in Bowling Green

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Miss Kentucky is a crown that one only holds for a year ,but it can change one girl's entire life. Most of the girls got to WKU's Van Meter Hall Sunday morning around eight a.m. to make sure they were looking at their best for the event that began ten hours later. Most of the girls are representing cities or counties, but others had the large task of representing an entire institution.

"I'm so proud of the University of Kentucky and I'm not going to sit here and bash Louisville because I'm a Kentucky girl all the way around, but I do root for my Cats. In the long run, I go to the University of Kentucky and I'm so proud to represent them here at Miss Kentucky U.S.A." said Kala Boudreaux of the University of Kentucky.

The hours leading up to the big show can be nerve-racking for the girls who made it such a long way to the final round, but they do their best to keep in mind that it's all about soaking in the experience.

"All you have to do is prepare yourself as best you can and do what you can before you get here. That's all you can do. At the end of the day there is only one crown that can be given but there is an experience to be getting from this as well." added Boudreaux.

"It's such a cool experience and we all get to have a voice and an identity at such a young age." commented Megan Charm who was representing Shelby County in the Miss Teen Kentucky Competition.

It may be a nice experience but it is also a competition down to the core. The girls make sacrifices to try and find that winning edge.

"I wouldn't do this if I wouldn't want to win but at the same time I'm going to keep these friendships. I'm going to make sure that I can go out and eat a cookie after the pageant." Boudreaux said half-jokingly.

After spending time with these ladies it's easy to see that no matter who earns the crown, they'll represent the commonwealth to its fullest.

The girl who had the honor of being crowned Miss Kentucky U.S.A 2013 was Ms. Allie Leggett of Mcreary County.

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