MLB Star Giving Back to Bowling Green

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- One Bowling Green city park could soon see some "major league" improvements in the form of a donation.

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Corey Hart is a Bowling Green native and former Greenwood High baseball star. Corey has played professional baseball for about 10 years, and currently plays for the Seattle Mariners. Now, Corey wants to give back to the place where he got his start.

"He's got his life in order now. He's got everything situated and he feels like it's time to start giving back," Johnny Hart said.

Corey's Dad, Johnny, says his two-time All-Star son wants to make a difference here at home. So, Corey, with the help of local volunteers, is looking to donate money to build a nearly 8,000 square foot indoor batting facility at Kereiakes Park.

"Well, that's where he started. They treated us well; and he had great coaches," Hart said.

Hart also says although his son would be the one giving a monetary donation, several others are on-board to help make it a reality.

"There are plenty of parents that have young kids in that league that are willing and wanting to help. They are wanting to see this up off the ground," Hart said.

Although Corey and the crews are ready to begin work, there has been some delay from the city.

"Right now, the city is going through a Park master plan study, so I don't know if the timing is just right, but we're looking at it and they're putting together a written proposal for us. We've met with the Bowling Green East Little League leadership and Mr. Hart's family to try and see if we can work something out for them. We will see if we can balance out the interest of East Little League and the general interest of the public for the entire park as well," Mayor Wilkerson said.

Regardless, Corey also has a couple other local projects in mind.

"And this isn't the only thing he wants to do. We want to get this up and see how this runs, and then we're going to move around town a little bit."

The Harts will need to present their proposal to the Park's Advisory Board. If approved, the city will consider the Board's recommendation.

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