MLK Legacy Celebrated in Bowling Green

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Today was not only about celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr., but his legacy as well, and one man says it's also about remembering to leave our own.

"I think if Dr. King were here today, he would say that the dream is still unfulfilled. We like to think we're finished with this. No, we're not finished, and we need to get beyond the dream, and roll our sleeves up and get active in making it a reality." said MLK Planning Committee member Howard Bailey.

Hundreds made the symbolic March from the Warren County Justice Center to the State Street Baptist Church, where a special service was held in honor of the holiday.

"Every year we reach more and more youth, and they need to know the importance of why we march, and why we need to keep the dream alive because they're the ones that are going to be sharing the dream in the future," said MLK Planning Committee Chair Linda Hill.

"Our youth need to continue to be aware of what has taken place in our country, and what has yet to be done," said Bailey.

Yesterday, to help educate children on the meaning of the holiday, they held a workshop for grades 3 through 12 to teach them about MLK's dream.

"What he meant... what his legacy is... what he sacrificed. They drew pictures. They explained the song, We Shall Overcome. They did posters, and they came and did the march with us today," said Hill.

Bailey says racism and discrimination are learned concepts, so teaching equality may be one place to start.

"We who have lived it, know that it's gone in some ways, but still very prevalent in others," said Bailey.

Bailey says we cannot forget to continue teaching that history and continue changing the culture.. not just on days like today... But everyday.

Doctor Carlton Jenkins the superintendent of Saginaw, Michigan schools gave the keynote speech at today's celebration, and several Bowling Green natives were recognized for what they do to help further Dr. King's dream each day.

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