Barren County Schools Receive Multi-Million Dollar Grant

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It's a check of historic proportions. $2,855,000 was awarded Thursday to 5 Barren County Elementary Schools. It's the largest grant in district history. Administration says it will be money well spent.

"Here for the last several years, specifically the last six months, all we've had are basically negative financial forecasts for our future," says Superintendent Bo Matthews.

Now that future looks bright for students. Over the next 5 years the grant will be used for summer and after-school programs. Superintendent Matthews says funding extracurricular activities is just as important as learning inside the classroom.

"Learning doesn't stop when the bell rings. We have found that there is a tremendous amount of interest in after school programming. Whether that be tutorial and specific subject matter or other career type explorations," says Superintendent Matthews.

Some principals have already put together a plan for summer programs. A vital asset that will ensure continued learning year-round.

"We will have two themes. One on sports and a theme on animals and our partner is the library here in Glasgow and we are excited in partnering with them with an emphasis on literacy," says Principal Jon Hall.

Meanwhile North Jackson Elementary, a technology, math .and science focused school, plans additions to an already established curriculum.

"We want to bring to our students more, beyond the school day so that we can do enrichment in those. Again, hopefully move forward with our greenhouse and our gardening things and our edible school yard," says Principal Anthony Frazier.

Along with more science related learning schools say they will continue to fund college and career ready lessons.

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