Man Admits to Hitting Dog With Car and Beating It Into a Tree

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Five months ago, the Hayduks rescued Tramp, a six month old miniature schnauzer. He and his sister would usually run along a lead line tied to a post on the Hayduk's farm, but one afternoon the Hayduks decided to let Tramp and his sister, Lady, run freely through the yard. Tramp never came back.

Four days later, someone came to them and said they saw what happened.

"He said a man in our community had taken the dog by his four legs and beat him up against a tree. We had been further told by a police report that our dog had been thrown into the woods somewhere," said Tramp's owner Amanda Hayduk.

His body has not been found and the Butler County Sheriff says Benny Neal of Butler County admitted to hitting the dog with his car, and then beating his head into the tree to put him out of his misery because he was badly injured. Hayduk says she wishes he would have just tried to find the owner or taken him to a vet.

"It's inhumane to knock a dog in the head no matter what their physical state is," said Hayduk.

Hayduk says she went to the Butler County Attorney for help.

"The county attorney told me that even though the man confessed in a written statement to the police, that they didn't feel like there was enough evidence to prosecute," said Hayduk.

The Butler County Attorney was unavailable for comment, but Hayduk says she's received overwhelming messages of support from strangers all over Kentucky hoping their situation could help strengthen the state's animal cruelty laws.

Butler County Sheriff Scottie Ward says there are no leash laws in Butler County. Hayduk says she will consider taking further legal action if possible.

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