Man Helps Neighbors Stop Burglar

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Bowling Green, Ky --A Bowling Green couple awakened to a burglar in their car this morning, and a kind neighbor was able to help them stop the burglar.

In what's typically a very quiet neighborhood in Bowling Green, Fred Johnson began the morning thinking he was going to be working in his garden, but it turned out, he'd be answering a neighbors cry for help.

"I ran across the street, and my neighbor had some guy held at bay that had broken into his automobile," said helping neighbor Fred Johnson.

Michael Lindsey ran to his driveway when he heard his wife beating on the windows for help, saying there was a man inside Lindsey's car. That man was 32 year old Clifton Parker of Russellville.

"He had cut the roof of my vehicle and ripped out my radio and everything in the car. I wrestled him down in the vehicle and pinned him in the seat of the car, and held him until the police arrived," said burglary victim Michael Lindsey.

Meanwhile, Lindsey's wife sees Johnson across the street, and screams for help.

"When I got there, the guy was trying to get out of the car and leave. I held him down." said Johnson.

Together, 74 year old Johnson and Lindsey were able to restrain Parker until Kentucky State Police arrested him. Another neighbor says no one is ever alone in this neighborhood.

"Just a phone call away if a person needs help. Just a phone call away, and that's all it takes. Just like this morning. It wasn't a phone call away, it was a scream away," said Neighbor Shelly Gilliam.

He says Johnson is known for helping others.

"It doesn't have to be a major thing, it can be something simple when you know a person needs help," said Gilliam.

Today, that help meant more than usual.

Lindsey says Parker had taken items from his car and garage, and when police arrived, they found even more items belonging to someone else. Kentucky State Police say Clifton Parker has been charged with second degree burglary and was taken to the Warren County Regional Jail.

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