Man Installs Cameras at Roundabout to Sell Surveillance Footage

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Many weeks of construction later and the roundabout on 31-W near WKU's campus is less than a day away from traffic running through it.

One man lives right by that area and plans to make some extra money off this new addition to Bowling Green's roads.

Signs are up, letting drivers know a roundabout is ahead, and if problems happen down the road, Brian Gugler will have video of it all.

"I was up one night and just wondering how I can make some lemonade out of this situation, and I came up with the idea about putting a camera up," Gugler said.

Two cameras, one pole and $2,500 later, Gugler has 24-hour surveillance of the entire intersection at his house on Loving Way.

"What we want to do is sell it to the attorneys, of course, and insurance companies will be using it, apparently -- also to individuals when they have a problem on the intersection," he said.

Gugler feels confident he will at least make back what he invested.

"I've talked to one attorney about what I'm doing and he liked the idea. He kind of laughed about it, and said, 'That's a great idea. You're not going to make a killing at it, but it'll of course be utilized.'"

The roundabout is not even open yet, but Gugler said he's already seeing some problems where his footage might come in handy.

"Monday, we saw somebody drive through and they went around the wrong way. Last night, I was up, there were people driving through, just moving the barrels and driving through on it," he said.

While he hopes for a profit, he wants people safe.

"I really don't want them to have accidents. That's not the deal here. I don't want them to have accidents. I want them to be able to get through in a good way."

Gugler's website ( has information about driving correctly through the roundabout.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the roundabout is 9 a.m. Friday.

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