UPDATE: Man Shoots Alleged Burglar in Barren County

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UPDATE: 08/07/13

BARREN COUNTY, Ky. -- The Barren County Sheriff Office says the men have been identified as James Keeton, 22, and Jessie Keeton, 31, both of Glasgow.

They were questioned by deputies and admitted that they had broken into the residence before to steal cigarettes.

Deputies say they noticed blood on Jessie Keeton’s shoe, and when questioned about it, he stated that he had been shot. He was taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

Charges in reference to the attempted burglary are pending on Jessie Keeton due to treatment of the gunshot wound.

James Keeton was arrested and charged with attempted burglary 2nd degree and burglary 2nd degree for admitting to breaking into the residence prior to this incident. He was lodged in the Barren County Jail.

No charges have been filed on home owner Phillip Harper.

The case will be turned over to the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office to be presented to a Grand Jury.

BARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- Phillip Harper usually works third shift and isn't home during the early hours of the morning, but Monday he wasn't feeling well and stayed home. That's when he says he heard some noise coming from the back of his house.

"I know that nobody had no business there." said Harper.

He said he grabbed a 22-caliber rifle and confronted the pair of alleged burglars near his deck.

"One of them turned to me and had what looked like a weapon that was in his hand. At that point I just went to fire and they took off running. As they run around the corner of their house I was on their heels. I was withing five feet of one of them at one point firing my weapon. "

Harper said the two men retreated into the home next door and he and a neighbor kept a lookout on the home until authorities arrived. Though Harper had hoped to never deal with a burglary, he was prepared. He keeps a log in his back yard for target practice and he says he uses it often.

"I know two or three incidents where neighbors had been robbed and stuff. I work third shift. I've been robbed before."

The Barren County Sheriff's office released a statement saying one of the men was hit with a bullet and had to be taken to the hospital. His condition is currently not known. When asked if he was justified for shooting the alleged intruders he gave no hesitation.

"Absolutely, yeah. Absolutely. Not going to tolerate thieves."

Phillip Harper was not arrested and has yet to be charged.

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