Police Release Suspect's Name From Brownsville High Speed Chase

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EDMONSON COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- 54-year-old Jerry Hardin, of Summer Shade, Kentucky, is behind bars after police chased him in Brownsville Saturday evening.

While driving a Ford F-150 pick-up truck, Hardin took multiple law enforcement agencies on a high-speed police chase about six o'clock Saturday evening.

The Edmonson County Sheriff's Department said the chase started when Hardin was speeding in the park.

Several law enforcement agencies went after the truck as it continued along Mammoth Cave Road.

Police said the truck went around a curve at over 100 miles per hour.

The Edmonson County Sheriff said the truck driver lost control, while turning left onto Highway 259, almost hitting another car.

The Sheriff said that is when a deputy got out of his car, Hardin then smiled and started driving toward the deputy.

The deputy shot Hardin's front tire trying to stop him.

"I was like, 'Oh my gosh!' We're not used to shots being fired here in Brownsville. I was like are they going to go up the road shooting or what's going on. So I made sure the kids stayed inside until everything was done and over with," said Erin Milton, whose house was in the path of the chase.

Brownsville Police then chased the truck until it crashed into a ditch at Beaver Dam Church Road.

Police said it looked like he was stuck and they approached him.

That is when Hardin got away again, leaving city limits. Kentucky State Police became involved and stopped Hardin on 31-W in Park City.

Kentucky State Police say Hardin in behind bars in Barren County Jail. He faces fourteen charges. His charges are as followed:

1. Speeding 26 MPH or Over
2. Reckless Driving
3. Disregarding a Stop Sign
4. Improper Passing
5. Failure to Wear Seatbelt
6. Improper Display of Registration Plates
7. Possession of Open Alcoholic Beverage Container in Motor Vehicle
8. DUI 3rd Aggravated
9. Driving DUI Suspended License 1st Off. Aggravated
10. Failure to Produce Insurance Card
11. Failure to Notify DOT of Address Change
12. Failure to Surrender Revoked Operators License
13. Wanton Endangerment 1st Degree Police Officer (3 Counts)
14. Fleeing and Evading Police 1st Degree (Motor Vehicle)

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