UPDATE: Man Who Was Shot Involved in Community Theater

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Brandon Bradshaw's father, Troy Bradshaw, posted on Christian Family Radio's Facebook page that Brandon suffered a brain injury, due to a loss of oxygen.

He says the next 48 hours are critical to determine whether Brandon will recover, and he says Brandon has shown no improvement.

As the youth theater educator at SKyPAC, several say Brandon Bradshaw is a kid at heart.

"He inspires kids throughout the region through theater," says Andee Rudloff, SKyPAC Education and Visual Arts Director.

"They love him. He'll go some place and all the kids will just flock to him," Fountain Square Players Board Member, Rick White says.

Two weeks ago Brandon started casting kids and teens for the latest performance "Bridge to Terabithia."

Kelli Murphy's daughter, Abby, would get the lead role.

"He knew that this was her first big deal. When he made the cast list he contacted me before posting because he knew that this was a big thing for her and we were talking about different ways to tell her," she says.

Brandon surprised Abby with her big role by showing up at a local take-out restaurant, and it was a day she would never forget.

Now, someone else will fill Brandon's shoes.

"We were on the phone pretty much most of last night trying to figure out what could be done. So, I will direct the performance," says Fountain Square Players President, Jeff Moore.

The Bowling Green youth theater community is missing their mentor.

"I pray everytime I'm in class, just trying not to break down in tears," says 17-year-old, Will Parker Carter.

"The universe hands you things and says run with it," Moore says.

Moore says he will try to portray "Bridge to Terabitha" the way Brandon would have.

The theater community hopes Brandon will be in attendance during a "Bridge to Terabithia" performance.

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