Man With Local Ties Lives As Santa

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Sal lizard is living his life as Santa Claus in every way. He makes appearances all over the country promoting his book about what else, being Santa Claus, but it's actually something he never saw coming.

"I never realized I wanted to be Santa in the beginning. What happened was a radio station asked me to don the red suit and pass out some toys to underprivileged children. I didn't realize that it was going to become a lifestyle for me. When I look down into the faces of those little children and realize that the real Christmas magic comes from the smiles of little children. It touched me in a way that I decided that it was something that i could do every year, and i have been since." said Lizard.

But when Lizard took on the persona, he soon realized that with the role, comes great responsibility.

"I always thought of Santa as a fun guy who dealt with questions about "This is what i want for Christmas..." and try and set the right expectation. I didn't realize that I was going to be dealing with sick children and parents who are struggling and some of the problems that come with that. That's when I really started seeing miracles happen."

So in order to really become Santa he had to make some big changes.

"I quit smoking. I quit drinking. I quit cursing because you never know when a little child is going to walk around the corner and I didn't want them to get confused. Year round, I have this look. It'll be summer time and I'll have on a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian shirt people will say "Santa? Where's your suit?" It's not the suit that makes the man. Children recognize me no matter what I'm wearing."

Sal is actually from the South Central Kentucky area and recently reconnected with some family members in Franklin, including his father who he didn't know until about a year ago.

"Turns out that I'm related to a large number of people in the area, and certainly everybody knows my dad, Frosty. Actually that's my dad's nickname, Frosty. It's kind of unusual."

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