Hunt for Alleged Rapist in Bowling Green Continues, Sheds Light on Sexual Assault

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UPDATE/ 8-28-13/ 8:02p.m.

BOWLING GREEN, KY -- Bowling Green Police are still searching for 42 year old Corey James Butts of Bowling Green. After they say he raped a woman last Friday at an apartment on north sunrise drive. Butts is a two time convicted sexual offender, and today one of his previous victims shares the urgency to find Butts.

The victim, who wished to remain anonymous said, "When the BGPD said they can't stress enough, they mean it. I am scared to death. This man is dangerous."

Butts is a six feet one inch tall male, and weighs 150 pounds, and while rape is often an unspoken topic, the director of Hope Harbor, a local sexual trauma recovery center, offers advise for dealing with sexual offenders.

"If you feel that someone is following you or watching you, some of the things you can do are don't take the same routes everyday, so they can't know you're every move. Looking in our cars before we get in." -Hope Harbor Executive Director Melissa Whitley.

Whitley says most sexual assaults follow the process of what she calls the five T's . The offender will pick a target, test their limits, threaten them, and then touch or assault the victim. The process often ends in a take off with the offender fleeing.

"The more people that are around... the less vulnerable you are, you're less isolated. You're going to have friends or someone else who sees something that happens if you're in a high risk situation, and there's more bystanders to intervene if something does happen," said Whitley.

Whitley says victims or those who want more advice on staying safe can find that help at Hope Harbor. For more information on Hope Harbor, see the link below.

If you see or know where Corey James Butts may be staying, police say call 911 immediately. You can remain anonymous.

Update, Aug. 27, 9:11p.m.

BOWLING GREEN,KY --Bowling Green Police say it's not every day they seek the public's help in finding a wanted rapist, but this case is different from most.

"Rape is a very personal crime, and we don't have a tendency to exploit that, and we really like for the victims to remain as private as possible, but yet still proceed with the prosecution, or the apprehension of their perpetrator. In this particularly case we believe Mr. Butts is a menace to society, and we feel society is going to be a much safer place with him off the street," said Bowling Green Police Public Information Officer Ronnie Ward.

Officer ward is referring to 42 year old Corey James Butts of Bowling Green. Butts is accused of kidnapping and raping a woman last Friday at an apartment on North Sunrise Dr. in Bowling Green, and this isn't his first offense.

"Butts is a two-time convicted sex offender. He's previously been sent to the Department of Corrections in regards to a violent sex offense previously," said Warren County Commonwealth's attorney Chris Cohron.

Cohron says now he could face a life sentence.

"If the case is not resolved, it will proceed to a trial by jury. Due to Mr. Butts previous criminal record and the charges currently facing him, he could face up to a life sentence this time," said Cohron.

He has an active warrant for first degree rape, first degree sodomy, and kidnapping. Butts is a black male six feet one inch tall, and weighs 150 pounds, and he remains at large.

"It's down to the point where if you see him on the street, walking down the street, or riding in the car you need to call the police immediately. If you know where he's staying, you can call Crime Stoppers, but this is a situation where we'd like to apprehend him as fast as possible, and we need to get the police there as quick as possible," said Ward.

Both Cohron and Ward say they can't stress that message enough. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Mr. Butts, contact police immediately.

Officer Ward urges if you see Corey James Butts, call 911 or Crime Stoppers immediately at 781-CLUE (2583). Ward says either way, you can remain anonymous.

BOWLING GREEN, KY --The Bowling Green Police Department is looking for Corey James Butts, 42, of Bowling Green. Mr. Butts is a black male, 6-feet 1-inch tall and weighs 150 pounds.

Mr. Butts is accused of kidnapping and raping a Bowling Green woman on Friday, August 23.

Mr. Butts has an active warrant for Rape 1st degree, sodomy 1st degree, and kidnapping. Mr. Butts should be considered extremely dangerous.

Corey James Butts
6-ft 01-in 150 lbs
Charges: Rape 1st, Sodomy 1st, and Kidnapping

If located, call 911 or the Bowling Green Police Department at 393-4000.
You can also call Crime Stoppers 781-CLUE (2583) or click on the link below.

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