March of Dimes Brings Awareness to Premature Births

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More than 1,400 babies will be born prematurely in the United States today.

And this month March of Dimes is celebrating Prematurity Awareness Month.

"He was 14 ounces when he was born and 11 inches so when I met him I got to kiss him for the first and last time and instead of planning his first birthday I spent it at the cemetery,"says Mandy Skees, Division Director of March of Dimes.

Mandy Skees would never get to bring her first born baby boy home so she dedicated her life's work to the March of Dimes mission.

"We have more babies born in the state of Kentucky prematurely than the number of incoming freshman at UL and UK combined. The March of Dimes has advocated to enrich grain products with Folic acid to ensure every woman of child bearing age has folate in their diet prior to finding out their pregnant,"says Skees.

Marissa who waited 3 long months to bring home 2lb. baby Ramsey says she never thought this would happen to her.

"O my gosh he's so tiny and they said we've seen smaller, and it could happen to anyone,"says Marissa Butler.

And March of Dimes continues working toward research that will save babies like 2 year old Ramsey.

"As active and as energetic and as big as he is today, I absolutely never saw this coming,"says Butler.

"All of the education the March of Dimes has provided I now have my healthy baby girl,"says Skees.

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