Mariah's Restaurant Moving to Hitcents Park Plaza in April

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The MR Group announced Monday it has bought Mariah's.

Mariah's restaurant will move from its historic location in downtown Bowling Green to the Hitcents Park Plaza also downtown.

"Most of the concepts we're building are new concepts that have never existed before. So, we wanted to have a well known name in the community to be the anchor restaurant," said MR Group President Clinton Mills.

Mariah's went up for auction back in November, but was taken off the auction list later.

Former owner Rick Kelley wasn't able to hold on to the building and the MR Group bought the restaurant.

Kelley said he doesn't know what will happen to the building, but he doesn't think it will stay as a restaurant because of it's large size.

Kelley also said American Equity now owns the Mariah's building.

The move has mixed feelings for those in the community.

"Strongly disagree with this idea. It's part of Bowling Green's history. It's called Mariah's because of its location," said Angela Johnson Skinner on WBKO's Facebook page.

"I'm glad for Jodi and her staff, because the food and service are always so good. I hope loyal customers will continue to support them. It's a business decision. Change is hard," said Jacqueline Smith on WBKO's Facebook page.

"Moving them over to Hitcents Park Plaza, we think all of the guests are going to be very happy with the location. It's going to have more seating, newer equipment. We're going to keep all the favorite menu items and even bring some new things in, so we think it's going to be a good move. So, if people give us a chance to show them that, we think they'll be impressed," said Mills.

Mariah's is expected to be ready to go in the Hitcents Park Plaza in April.

Former owner Rick Kelley will stay on as a consultant for the restaurant, and long-time General Manager Jodi Fleming will be the GM for MR Group's restaurants.

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