Hundreds March In Honor Of MLK Day

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Hundreds gathered to sing, march and reflect on what Martin Luther King Day means to them.

"It's an honor for me to be here to see all the festivities that are going on," says Faye Roberson.

"For freedom. Freedom for all people to come together," says Mildred Church.

"It means a lot for everybody because it's history," says Daedreana Ramsey

Monday was Mildred Church's first time marching. The spirit could be seen in her eyes with each step. She hopes others will also keep that same spirit alive for years to come.

"Those who do not know about Martin Luther King should look it up in the library and know about the roots. Not just anybody but they should know about their freedom," says Church.

For many, this MLK day has more meaning. The second inauguration of President Barack Obama and the 50th anniversary of the "I Have a Dream" speech.

Some say the "dream" of Martin Luther King, Jr. has now come true.

"If he was here to celebrate with us he would be excited as he would ever be," says Roberson.

While there is agreement America has changed since the days of segregation, Daedreana Ramsey believes there is always room for more improvement.

"This is still something that we struggle with day to day and it's not anything that is resolved already," says Ramsey.

With each step taken Monday, those who marched hope it's a sign for continued change for generations down the road.

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