McConnell Promises No Government Shutdown Again

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Earlier this week, Senator Mitch McConnell promised there would not be another government shutdown.

McConnell is a powerful force in the Senate, but Gene Birk asked him Thursday, how could he control what the House does?

McConnell: "Well I think the House has learned a lesson here, that this is not a sound strategy. The American people share our view about the inappropriateness of Obamacare, but don't think shutting down the government is a responsible act. Therefore I'm pretty confident that's not gonna happen again."
Birk: "And someone can convince Congressman Boehner that?"
McConnell: "Yeah I think so. Well Boehner was not in favor of the shutdown. But look it will not happen. I can guarantee it won't happen again."

Congress will vote on the budget again in January or February. That's when Senator McConnell guarantees the government will not be shut down again.

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