McConnell Talks Health Care in Columbia

COLUMBIA, Ky. (WBKO) -- Health care has been a hot topic for a couple of years now, and will continue to be this year.

Sen. Mitch McConnell R-Kentucky was in Columbia Friday talking to health officials about just that.

McConnell has been against this issue since day one.

Friday he said he's been to more than 60 medical places in Kentucky talking to health care officials about the new law.

Supporters of the new law, say it's about getting insurance and care for everyone.

McConnell said again Friday he Medicaid expansion in Kentucky is a bad idea.

"The two biggest items in every state budget are Medicaid and education. As Medicaid expenses rise, education funding is cut. They pass it on to the universities and colleges and they raise tuition to make up for it. So, Medicaid is putting pressure on state budget's all across the way," said McConnell.

Today Gov. Beshear said over the past two weeks 2,500 people every day have signed up for health care on kynect.

This issue is expected to play a big role in the November election.

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