McConnell Visits Several South Central Kentucky Counties

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EDMONTON, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Commonwealth candidates running for U.S. Senate were on our door step right here in South Central Kentucky on Saturday.

Dozens at the Metcalfe County Courthouse showed their support for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell when he stopped by for a meet-and-greet.

In his speech this afternoon, McConnell focused less on his opponents and more on how he says the Obama administration has had a negative effect on employment in Kentucky and what he can do to stop it.

"They've created a depression in the coal field. They're over-regulating every business. We need to create new jobs and new opportunity here. One example of that was stopping the Corp of Engineers that was trying to prevent fishing below the dams that caused a lot of economic activity. The other was pushing back against the duskytail darter over in Lake Cumberland, which was going to have a huge adverse impact on tourism," the senator said.

McConnell called himself the best-known Republican in this race -- saying he's the one members of his party should vote for to make a difference.

"I think we want to try to change the country, and the only thing that can be done in 2014 to change the country is to change the Senate, which would make me in charge of setting the agenda, instead of Harry Reid, the current Senate leader who my opponent would vote for to continue," he said.

One woman there said McConnell knows what Kentuckians need and he represents that well in Washington.

"When it comes to conservative values like being pro-life, pro-gun and just protecting all our freedoms and liberties as individuals and citizens of America," Shelby Stevens said.

However, not everyone who attended supported McConnell.

"We need new faces in the Senate. We need new faces in politics. We need new ideas," said Paulette Yates, a supporter of Matt Bevin.

Senator McConnell is running against Louisville businessman Matt Bevin in the upcoming May 20th primary election.

If Senator Mcconnell wins the primary election he'll likely face Alison Lundergan Grimes in the general election this November.

Grimes made her way through Todd, Logan, and Muhlenberg Counties day on a jobs tour. In response to Senator Mcconnell's comments, Grimes' spokeswoman Charly Norton released a statement stating:

"Alison Lundergan Grimes will oppose anyone who undermines our coal industry, and that includes the failed leadership of Mitch McConnell. Just recently, he opposed an omnibus bill that invested in fossil fuel research and helped to keep foreign markets open for Kentucky coal. Alison is the only candidate in this race with a plan to protect coal jobs, while diversifying our economy to attract new businesses that can create jobs here in the Commonwealth."

Grimes will return to the south central Kentucky area next week where we plan to catch up with her on the campaign trial.

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