McConnell and Bevin Stop in BG Day Before Primary Election

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky flew around the state to get some last minute campaigning in Monday.

He stopped in Bowling Green and spoke in front of several people at the Bowling Green-Warren County Regional airport.

McConnell spoke of changing the situation in Washington and Republicans taking over the senate with him as the leader in the party.

"I sense all across our state, people would like to go in a different direction. The only thing that can be achieved in 2014 to go in a different direction will be to change the majority in the Senate make me the leader of the majority instead of the leader of the minority. That's achievable here in Kentucky and that's what we intend to do this fall," said McConnell.

There was no discussion of Matt Bevin, his primary opponent Monday.

Some of the latest polls have shown McConnell winning the republican primary by a wide margin.

Just hours before, Mcconnell's tea party challenger spoke at the same place.

Bevin talked to a crowd of about 15 to 20 this morning also at the airport in about how it's time to get a new face in Washington, and those polls he's behind in, he said not to worry too much about them.

"I don't put too much stock in to any one poll. You have to look at how unenthused people are with Mitch McConnell. There will be an incredible number of people who will go into that voting booth and just say I'm not doing it again. They will either not vote at all or they will vote for me as an alternative," said Matt Bevin, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

Like McConnell, Bevin flew around much of the state today campaigning.

Alison Lundergan Grimes is expected to be the democratic nominee on the other side of this race Tuesday.

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