McConnell and Grimes Will Debate on KET

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(WBKO) -- Sen. Mitch McConnell and democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes have both agreed to a debate on several different issues.

On Monday, KET announced McConnell had accepted their invitation to a debate on Oct. 13th on Kentucky Tonight.

Grimes accepted the debate a few months ago.

KET Executive Director and CEO Shae Hopkins released the following statement.

“Today we received word from Sen. McConnell’s campaign that he has accepted our invitation to debate the issues with Sec. Grimes on Kentucky Tonight on October 13, 2014. KET is proud to be trusted by the candidates and Kentucky’s voters to provide a fair and independent platform in this pivotal U.S. Senate race.”

The McConnell and Grimes campaign have both weighed in on the debate.

"Senator McConnell feels very strongly that Kentuckians have the opportunity to evaluate both candidates as they discuss the issues face-to-face rather than an endless stream of television commercials and this debate provides that opportunity. There is a large contrast between Senator McConnell's Kentucky leadership and Secretary Grimes' support for the Obama agenda and we're eager to have that discussion with Kentucky voters," McConnell Press Secretary Allison Moore.

"After months of dragging his feet, our campaign is encouraged that Mitch McConnell finally agrees that Kentuckians deserve the opportunity to hear both candidates' viewpoints and very different visions for the Commonwealth's future. For 30 years, McConnell has sold Kentucky families out and sided with Washington special interests. It is time for Mitch McConnell to answer for his failed Washington record -- 30 years is long enough," Grimes Press Secretary Charly Norton.

Grimes and McConnell will appear together Wednesday at the Kentucky Farm Bureau Forum.

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