Medical Center Hosts Expectant Parent Fair

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The auditorium at The Medical Center was a buzz Sunday with those expecting to bring new life to the world at the Expectant Parent Fair. The fair is a way for the hospital to ease the tension that comes with having a baby.
"With the pregnancy being nine months we want to make sure that everyone in our community is able to learn what is available in our community to help them prepare for a new baby coming home with them." explained Connie Dickson of the Medical Center.

Almost every type of service you could think of was represented; as well as a few issues that may slip one's mind.

"There's things that you may not thing about. For example, smoking. How dangerous that can be to a new baby and you don't want that in the baby's environment." added Dickson.

Carol Douglas works with the Barren River District Health Department and she says the fair is a great place to spread awareness of the dangers of smoking.

"You collect as much community opinion as you can. You do it in a variety of places,and all different people of all ages and walks of life. Any exposure to secondhand smoke, whether its when the baby is still in utero with mom, or after the baby gets here. We want to make sure that we educate and advocate to family and friends and neighbors. That that exposure affects the baby before it's born and afterwords and it can affect the whole family." said Douglas.

All the vendors that attended helped the prospective parents, but it was their time talking with one another that really meant the most.

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