Medical Experts Discuss When to Start Screening for Breast Cancer

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Medical experts are talking about the risks of breast cancer and when women should be screened.

They say many studies often have conflicting results, and it's easy to be confused about when you should start getting checked.

Some say at 50-years-old, but the American Cancer Society recommends starting at age 40.

However, not every woman is the same, and it depends if a close relative has been diagnosed.

"In that situation, a woman needs to, perhaps, start being screened earlier. So, for instance, if her mother was diagnosed at age 45 for breast cancer, then she would start her screening like ten years earlier. So, she would probably get her first mammogram at age 35," said Elizabeth Westbrook, the Cancer Control Specialist for Kentucky Cancer Program.

In some cases, a woman might need to be screened as early as 25-years-old.

Westbrook said to talk with your doctor about what's right for you.

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