Meijer Store Coming to Bowling Green

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What began as a small grocery store in Michigan is now a superstore with an interest in Bowling Green.
The City-County Planning Commission of Warren County approved the plans for the nearly 200,000 sq. ft. store called Meijer on Westpark Dr. off Gary Farms Blvd. near Home Depot and Kohl's.
Plans were reviewed to ensure they met all zoning requirements, but some were concerned about the business' proximity to nearby residential areas.

"The main concern I have is that there hasn't been a privacy fence put up." said Russell Morgan Eastland Park Neighborhood Assoc. Vice President.

Those concerns about fencing were included as "binding elements" to development plans when the area was rezoned to be "highway business" in 2008.

"There are quite a few binding elements on it. There were concerns with the Eastland Park neighborhood next door about the commercial going in next door. So they made alot of commitments about building a fence, quite a bit more landscaping than is normally required," said Daniel Faller Plans Reviewer for the City-County Planning Commission of Warren County.

Representatives from Meijer's engineering firm say that a privacy fence will be built before construction on the store begins.
Meijer is among several other large developments that have recently invested in the Gary Farms Blvd. area since it was re-zoned.

"That's kind of the way things develop. You have someone do a big re-zoning and from there it's a matter of trying to attract people to come in and fill it up," said Faller.

Faller says the next step for the store will be to apply for a building permit, and then they will be ready for construction.

Meijer calls itself a "one stop shop" with more than 40 departments like grocery, pharmacy, clothing, electronics, and automotive.

The Bowling Green store will be their southernmost location.
Meijer representatives say they hope to break ground by next year... and open their doors by 2014.

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