Royal Birth: Member of WBKO Weather Team With Royal Ties Reacts

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This afternoon the world discovered the next heir to the British Throne is a boy. One of our very own staff members has ties to the royal family, and shares what she's doing to celebrate the occasion.

You probably recognize her as a member of the WBKO weather team, but she's also a distant relative of the royal family.

"Along time ago, my ancestor was a cousin of the person who was on the throne, so if something had happened to that person, my cousin would have been able to step in and take over the throne, but that didn't happen, and so the lineage continued one way, and our lineage continues another. My family ended up with their own particular family castle in southern England," said WBKO's Stephanie Midgett.

She was able to visit that castle, the oldest single family estate in southern England, just a few years ago with her family. She says the experience she and her brother had tracking their lineage, had her crossing her fingers in hopes the baby would be a girl.

"When we did this several years ago, there was no law saying it was okay for girls to take the throne just as much as it was for boys. So that was my experience with that, no like we even have a chance at the throne, but his was seen as more important than mine was because he was a male. Now that's changed and the law is open that even if this is a girl, she will have a chance to possibly sit on the throne one day," said Midgett.

While Midgett is too far down the line for the throne to hold her breath, she still likes to celebrate royal occasions like these.

"I actually have a replica Kate Middleton ring. Once the wedding happened and they started making the replica, my grandmother made sure myself and my cousin had the replica rings to participate in the excitement and fun all the way across the pond even though we couldn't actually be there," said Midgett.

Although her hopes for a girl didn't come true this time, there's always the chance there could be a fourth in line to the throne. While the sex of the baby was revealed on a notice board outside Buckingham Palace following the birth, the name will be announced later by the family.

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