Memorial Held For Trooper's Unsolved Murder

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It's been 25 years since the murder of Trooper Johnny Edrington during a traffic stop, and still no suspect has been arrested. Wednesday, on the campus of Campbellsville University, a special memorial was held in honor of the fallen trooper. The family said it was held for two reasons; to provoke memories and action. Silence spoke louder than words through most of the ceremony. Many reminisced on time spent with the man who is a hero to most. That's something the family says is very important since his daughter was unborn at the time of his death.

"These things Callie needs to know. She never knew her father. We just wanted to make sure there were people to share stories and let them know what a good man that he was and what a caring person that he was." said Edrington's sister, Barbara Curtis.

Kentucky State Police still believe answers or even the suspect could still be out there somewhere.

"Who knows, he could've died. Any number of things could've happened. In our minds that guy is still there and he's still a threat. It's very real to us. said Tpr. Billy Gregory.

The family also believes though the odds may be slim, they may have justice.

"Maybe we can apprehend the person responsible. There's always hope." added Curtis.

"At the close of Wednesday's very emotional ceremony, Edrington's widow and daughter were each named Kentucky Colonels.

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