Mentoring Month, Local Agency Searching For Volunteers

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Nathyah "Thyah"Powell is a second grader at Cumberland Trace Elementary.

Every Wednesday her big sister, Joanna visits her for lunch.

It's part of the Big Brothers, Big Sisters school based mentoring program.

"It reminds you how fun being second grader is," says Joanna Gilligan, a new mentor for the program, "You get reminded of just how cute and creative and funny they are...and Thya is just the bright spot in my week."

Right now the agency is serving about 170 children in South Central Kentucky.

But, because of a lack of volunteers 70 children are on a waiting list to get a big brother or sister.

Nathyah's twin brother Ty is one of the kids waiting.

The agency says they are always in need of volunteers but especially big brothers.

For Joanna she says volunteering is easy.

"If you have an interest in kids it's a lot of fun to participate. It doesn't take much time out of your week, it's an hour and I work really close, so I can drop in and spend time with her and her friends."

She says volunteering can really makes a difference in these kid's lives.

The agency also has a community based program where mentors spend about 4 hours a week outside of school with their little brother or sister.

If you would like to volunteer you can call the agency at 270-781-1180.