Message on Bathroom Wall Leads School to Increase Security

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Security kept an extra watchful eye on Warren East High School today after some concerns were stirred up yesterday afternoon, and it all began with writing on a bathroom wall.

"There was a message found in one of the bathrooms in the school, and it was brought to the attention of one of our school resource officers. They began an investigation yesterday, and we took extra precautions today to ensure student safety, and we feel like this is one of the safest places kids could be today," said Warren County Public Schools Public Information Officer Joanie Hendricks.

School resource officers provide security on a daily basis, but today they watched the school even more closely. It was actually the school resource officer who was first notified of the message yesterday afternoon.

"Any problems that happen inside the school, I am usually reported to first, and we consult with administration and we handle it from there," said WEHS School Resource Officer Mike Waldrop.

Once word of the message got out, Hendricks says many parents kept their students home this morning.

"They didn't bring their students in right away, and I think once the message got out that the environment was safe and we were taking so many precautions, we saw a number of students who started to come into school by ten o'clock," said Hendricks.

Administration also wanted to reassure the students they were safe when they arrived at school.

"He came over the intercom and announced to us there was an incident yesterday. A student wrote something on the bathroom, and it kind of sparked some interest, but Twitter and media kind of blew things out of proportion," said WEHS Student Hannah Conner.

Conner says she felt safe, and the principal assured the students there was no direct threat of action in the message during an announcement. While officials are not releasing the content of the message due to the investigation, Hendricks says many of the rumors circulating social media sites regarding the message were untrue. As of now, no suspicious activity has taken place at the school.

Hendricks says officials will continue to investigate who wrote the message.

If you have any information regarding the message or any tips, Hendricks says you should call Warren East High School at (270) 781-1277.

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