Metcalfe County Schools Grow Frustrated By Recent Bomb Threats

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For the second time in two days a bomb threat was made at Metcalfe County Schools. Wednesday a note stated bombs were in all schools.

"This is an act of domestic terrorism make no mistake about it, it will be treated as such. We plan to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. This is ridiculous," says Interim Superintendent Byron Jeffries.

Authorities from around the county, including bomb sniffing dogs, arrived on scene to search each school inside and out. Superintendent Jeffries says each bomb threat must be taken seriously.

Since there was no safe place for students to go the choice was made to send them home.

"We knew it would take all day with the search that we had to do so for the safety of the kids and the best interest for them as far as where are we going to put them, where are they going to eat lunch, we felt the best thing we could do is send them home," says Jeffries.

But a few students were asked to stay at school as administration and local police attempted to track down who has been making the threats.

"We've been sitting in on the interviews and trying to get some information gathered up as to what is going on," says Metcalfe County Sheriff Rondal Shirley.

Late Wednesday afternoon the all clear was given. School administration and police warn that bomb threats like what occurred on Wednesday are not a joke.

"It's an expensive and interruptive type thing to send all the kids home, shut all the schools down. No it's not a good thing," says Jeffries

"The smaller children were quite upset by this and we're not going to tolerate it," says Superintendent Jeffries.

Administration says classes will resume as normal at all schools on Thursday.