Metcalfe County Students Start School In New Facility

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Buses lined the front sidewalk of the new primary center in Metcalfe County Thursday as students and teachers alike began their first day of the school year. The new facility stretches 58,000 square feet and is equipped with geothermal heating and cooling. Though the building is impressive on paper, officials said it will take the community to make it the school they know it can be.

"The people who built this building gave us a house. Today we start building the home. That's what's specials. That home is built by the teachers, the principal, by the community and by more than anything. those little children that come in here." said Superintendent Dr. Benny Lile.

The first day of school can cause much anxiety for first year students but the new facility at the Metcalfe County Primary Center is providing a jolt of energy for students and teachers alike.

"It's been one of the best feelings ever. I stood on the front porch this morning and I watched all these parents come in. The children were smiling. They were happy. They were skipping down the sidewalks. It was just wonderful because their just excited to come to this school." Principal Angela Welsh happily remarked.

The building is also equipped with the latest technology such as lighting that is programmable for 365 days of the year and an in-computing system that allows one computer workstation to be able to use up to six individual keyboards and monitors. School officials said upgrades like these will provide a learning experience the students deserve.

"It's just more of an environment, more of a culture that it puts them in that is more fitting and inviting for their size, age, and development" added Dr. Lile.

School officials also said that talks about upgrading or building a new intermediate center are already in the works.

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