Meth Lab Bust in Hart County Leads to Six in Jail

Late last week Kentucky State Police arrested six people in connection with multiple meth labs in Hart County.

When they got to 2724 Flint Ridge Road near Horse Cave, a police report says they found three one step labs, meth making tools, paraphernalia, marijuana and a firearm at the home of 29-year-old Joseph Jewell.

There was also a small child inside which police say is a big cause for concern.

"Anytime there's a meth lab, it's obviously very serious, when you add the small child in the mix, who doesn't have that opportunity to get out when they want to, makes it even worse," said Trooper Jonathan Biven, Kentucky State Police.

KSP arrested Jewell, 28-year-old Joshua Poynter of Park City, 52-year-old Steve Biggs of Canmer, 39-year-old David Lay of Glasgow, 24-year-old Kimberly Skaggs of Park City, and 29-year-old Amy Wright of Cave City.

The six were arrested on multiple meth related charges, marijuana possession, and these charges were aggravated because of a firearm.

Lay is also a persistent felony offender.

Neighbors said they've seen a lot going on for a while now.

"There's always a lot of activity in and out of this home next door to us, unusual activity all hours of the night, strange vehicles, an abundance of people that just look like they're up to no good. You just knew something was going on illegally," said neighbor Brian Meadows.

They also say several pets were not in proper care.

"Pets have not been fed, we've been dealing with this all summer. We've called our local authorities," said Meadows.

Now, the six arrested are in Hart County jail, and police say the investigation is still ongoing.

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