The "Millionth" Corvette is Extracted from Sinkhole

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- The National Corvette Museum's “Millionth” Corvette has been lifted out of the sinkhole.

Originally, removing the car was not in today's plan. However, due to the conditions of the sinkhole, museum officials say it was in the car's best interest to move forward and pull it out..

The “Millionth” Corvette was lying on it's side, spanning another cave opening beneath the museum. It was under unsupported concrete.

After it was removed, officials observed the structure of the Corvette. Museum officials say it seems to be in good shape.

"There is cosmetic damage, obviously to the front end. The windshield frame is collapsed, that is repairable with some work. The left rear suspension corner is damaged and we'll have to have some parts replaced on it. In large, a lot of clean up,” said John Spencer, National Corvette Museum's Manufacturing and Integration Manager.

Officials lifted the fifth Corvette out of the sinkhole hours later.

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