Mind, Tree Branch Help in Search for Water

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SMITHS GROVE, Ky. (AP) -- James "Jr." Parsley doesn't know why he is able to find water using a y-shaped wild cherry or peach twig, only that the method works for him.

Called water witching in the South, what Parsley and others like him do carries other names such as dowser or diviner.

The 86-year-old Parsley lives outside Smiths Grove in Edmonson County near the Warren County line. He is responsible for finding clean water for many people who live around him, including a well he used to water 28 head of cattle for several years.

Dowsers use a variety of tools, such as y-shaped twigs, L-shaped rods, bobbers and pendulums.

Parsley used a y-shaped wild cherry twig to demonstrate how he finds water.

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