Monroe County Bomb Threats: Timeline

Residents of Monroe County received several scares as multiple bomb threats were called in.

At 8:20 am on October 25, KSP received a call that a bomb threat had been called in to Tompkinsville Elementary and the Monroe County Attorney's Office.

The caller said the bombs were set to explode in 15 minutes.

Additional bomb threats were called in to Sonic, McDonald's, and to the Tompkinsville Walmart.

"There's no sense of urgency around the town. Everyone's continuing to go about their business. I have to say all of the fire, EMS, all emergency personnel have worked together on this to be sure that everyone is safe," said Trooper Jonathan Biven with Kentucky State Police.

By lunchtime all of the buildings had been swept by bomb-sniffing dogs and police. Bombs were not found.

The students returned to school and the businesses re-opened.

Police are now searching for a suspect.