Monroe County Man Accused of Murder has Bond Raised by Millions

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The bond for the man accused of murdering a former Tompkinsville Police Chief has been raised after it has been determined he's a threat to the community.

Police spoke about several threats Charles Hammer made about Monroe County public officials.

Last week, Charles Hammer's daughter Patrice Peterman showed up with cash to pay her dad's $150,000 bond.

But, the court ordered Hammer to stay in custody until today's bond hearing where the court decided he was too much of a risk.

"He would be a danger not only to the public but to himself," 16th District Circuit Court Judge David Williams decided.

Hammer's bond was increased to $5 million cash.

"We were expecting that he would raise the bond, but we were shocked when we found out $5 million," Hammer's public defender, Crystal Thompson said.

Previous interviews with police indicate Hammer has threatened others.

"He makes statements about Mr. Proffitt the deceased Darrell Jackson, a constable, Darrell Ford, a former police officer, Chief Dale Ford about how they had done alleged acts against individuals here in the county and he was going to 'clean-up the county'," Monroe County Commonwealth Attorney, Jesse Stockton about former interviews with police.

After the court heard about several alleged threats Charles Hammer made about Monroe County public officials including the Tompkinsville Police Chief the court decided he was a safety hazard to the community.

"He said lets put it this way if 'Frog' Ford provides that gun it will be from the other end of it," said Kentucky State Police Detective Ricky Brooks in court.

"I just don't feel like there could be a justifiable punishment in this case," Tompkinsville Police Chief Dale "Frog" Ford said in an earlier interview.

"He kind of gave the impression that he didn't care what he did because of his age and health, and if he is released, he is a very dangerous man," Stockton said in court.

The possibility of the death penalty for hammer has been taken off the table.

Hammer will appear in court for a motion hearing on May 9th.

The defense expects to request a change venue to ensure Hammer will get a fair trial.

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