Monroe County Schools Receive Bomb Threat

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And schools across Monroe County put their safety evacuation plan intro action after Tompkinsville Elementary was the first school to receive a call.

Police say the call was from one specific number saying a bomb had been planted in the school.

"I'm a sworn officer to take care of every child in Monroe County and we'll take care of the children first, notify the parents next,"says Lewis Carter, Superintendent of Monroe County Schools.

What is normally a busy school day transformed into empty classrooms within minutes as Tompkinsville Elementary was the first school to evacuate.

"It definitely was very scary for me as a principal and my main concern was all the students so we put that plan into action and we were out within three minutes and I'm very proud of our students and staff members for taking immediate action,"says Kirk Biggerstaff, Principal of Tompkinsville Elementary.

And 20 minutes later nearly 2,000 students in Monroe County were take to three different safe spots.

"By 8:45 I had the one call now going out to every parent so they are notified and if they wanted to see or pick up their child they could,"says Carter.

Dallas Grabes was dropping of his twin boys swim trunks when the call came in...He said a threat like this is every parents nightmare.

"I was scared but not jut for my kids but the safety of the whole school,"says Grabes.

Although Kentucky State Police found no evidence of a bomb some still have a message for the unknown caller.

"I hate that there is somebody with a sick mind who would do anything like this,"says Carter.

"They need to be punished very bad because there could have been a lot of people hurt today,"says Grabes

Tompkinsville Elementary was the last school to be cleared of a threat.

All Monroe County schools were back in session by the end of the day and have been cleared of any threat.

All after school activities have been canceled for this evening.