Morgantown Mission Opens New Facility

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The money is flowing and the parking lot is full outside the brand new Morgantown Mission.

"Business has been doing really well of course the bad economy makes for good business at a thrift store," says Mission Director Garry McKinney.

The sleek new facility is full of reasonable priced clothing, brand names and more. The help from the store reaches far beyond the shopping cart.

"We have a food pantry, we have children's programs, we help people with bills and meds and just all kinds of different things," says McKinney

Chrisetta knows just how valuable the mission is. Her shopping trips have now turned into a place of employment.

"I did not realize what the mission actually did until I actually started working here. You would not believe the people who are in and out of the doors daily. I mean it's an everyday thing," says Chrisetta.

Management says they receive no government assistance. The doors stay open from the kind hearted donations of the surrounding community. Without their help, Butler County could look much different.

"People are going to go without. There is no other place where they can really go in this county because there is not a whole lot left here. The factories have shut down so this is about it," says Rachel Towe.

No matter what your situation the mission wants everyone to know they will be there.

"Any kind of way we can help you. If you know you need and want help then that's what we're going to do for you."

With their new facility the mission says their helping hands will be around for years to come.

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