Mother's Day Celebrated In SOKY

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Families of all different sizes gathered at many different places throughout the region such as Mariah's in Bowling Green. The one thing they had in common was appreciation for their mothers and grandmothers.

"Through all my life I've never been in a time without them both. They're such strong supporters of me and I hate to imagine a day without them." said Nikki Koller, who spent the day with her mom and grandma.

"I think it also affects me because later on down the road when I have a family then it's going to reflect on how I am going to make my family." said Lindsey Gumm when asked about time spent with her mom.

Many mothers flocked to traditional places like Mariah's but they also visited some non-traditional places as well. Such as the Corvette Museum, where mothers got in all day for free.

"Actually when we made the plans we didn't realize it was Mother's Day. So I feel a little guilty having left my mother and mother-in-law, but we called them today. It's been a wonderful trip and we've loved it. It's been a really fun stop." commented Mary Ellen Hanes who is from Lebanon, Ohio and has two children of her own.

The holiday had not only mothers and daughters getting together to show appreciation. It also allowed for the entire family to realize how much they all mean to one another.

"Family is the most important thing. Whether you're biologically related or not, it's just so important and they're great. They're awesome kids." added Kim Gumm, mother of Lindsey.

Moms everywhere this Mother's Day were showered with gifts and praise but most important of all, they were surrounded by family.

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