Muhlenberg County Airport Uses Big Grant For Big Improvement

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GREENVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- "When I was a young child we used to go down there and fly these model airplanes with your hand."

The Muhlenberg County Airport has changed a lot since Judge Executive Rick Newman was a kid.

"Took the airport to 5,000 feet where it is now."

That runway expansion was only part of a push with big goals. Goals that couldn't be funded by the county alone.

"About all of this work has been done through work provided by grants," added Newman.

The most recent grant came late last week when $1.5 million was awarded to the airstrip.

That funding couldn't have come soon enough not only for recreational pilots, but for business executives as well.

"As a pilot I've been on final fixin' to land and had planes just pull out in front of me," said Muhlenberg County Airport Board Chairman, Danny Walker..

"Just wasn't enough room down there. With the taxiways now, the corporate people feel comfortable coming in here on a routine basis," commented Newman.

Currently the taxiway leading to the runway only spans half of what it should. The federal grant will fix that problem, adding much needed pavement by next spring.

"This facility itself won't ensure corporate America will come banging on our door. If they do, we've got a real good first impression," added Walker.

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