Muhlenberg Sheriff Named "Sheriff of the Year"

Inside the Muhlenberg County courthouse walls works a man who holds a title that no one else can hold this year.

"Probably there were more people out there more deserving, but no one that would be more grateful. I was just very humbled by it and very honored to receive the award," said Muhlenberg County Sheriff Curtis McGehee.

The Kentucky Sheriff's Association selected Curtis McGehee of Muhlenberg County as Sheriff of the Year.

McGehee has only been sheriff for about a year and a half and was a preacher at a community church before taking this position, but he came in with some goals which included trying to stop the drug problem, and creating programs like the Junior Deputy program to begin combating drugs at an early age.

"This year I was able to go to speak to every third grader in the county. I spend time with each class, and as I'm talking to the children, I talk to them about the dangers associated with substance abuse," said McGehee.

"Our sheriff, after what I went through with him after the last year or so as far as on the case work and what he's implemented for the department, he definitely deserves the award," said Sgt. Terry Vick, Muhlenberg Sheriff's office.

Some of the work has been difficult but it doesn't inhibit McGehee's spirit.

"I'm very passionate about what I do, and was set on making a difference, and I feel like we've been able to do that," said McGehee.

It's that passion and the difference he's made that has Sheriff McGehee going to Louisville to accept the Sheriff of the Year award.

McGehee will also receive a medal of honor for his bravery in life threatening incident.

He will get both of these awards on September 20th at the Galt House in Louisville.

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