Multiple Cars Broken Into, Items Stolen In Glasgow

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- A Metcalfe County couple is the victim of a car break-in at the Glasgow movie theater's parking lot.

One day after the crime, they're asking why thieves stole irreplaceable items from them.

"Went to the movies and come out and walk to the car and was shocked that the passenger side window was busted out and glass all over the place. I'm just standing there looking, and I look around, and there was another vehicle right below us and glass all over the parking lot," said Tim Brewster, remembering the scene.

The glass scattered across the parking lot of Marquee Cinemas on Happy Valley Road is the evidence of the windows smashed and items taken from from at least five cars some time after seven o'clock last night.

"It's my understanding at this point, the purses were all concealed or underneath items that had been put over them so people couldn't tell what they were. So they actually were not visible from the windows, but I guess that really just piqued the thieves curiosity even further to find out what was being covered up," said Officer Julie Williams of the Glasgow Police Department.

"I usually put it in the trunk and for some reason last night, I didn't. I put it in the floor board with my jacket over it," explained Melinda Brewster.

She didn't expect thieves would risk breaking in if they couldn't see her purse, but they did -- taking all she had inside.

"100 dollars in cash. I had some earring in there that our son had given me. Social security cards, IDs, bank cards."

However, the thieves apparently tossed some items out the window, including Melinda's planner with her phone number inside.

That's how another couple contacted her when they found most of things in their driveway this morning -- except for the cash, earrings and her priceless pictures.

"Pictures that are irreplaceable pictures of our son that passed away. That was the big thing for me. The other stuff could be replaced. That couldn't," Melinda said.

Police recommend you not leave items of value in your car, but if you must, hide it completely.

"Lock it in your trunk where it can't be seen. It's going to take somebody a lot longer to get into a trunk than it does to break a window, grab something and run," Williams said.

Glasgow police say two others cars were also broken into last night in the parking lot behind Gondolier.

Of course, earlier this week cars were broken into in Warren County in the same way.

Police are unsure if the cases are related, but ask that you contact them if you see any suspicious activity.

The Glasgow Police Department can be reached at (270) 651-5151.

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