Multiple People Say Man Exposed Himself at Greenwood Square

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Police have received complaints saying a man flashed himself to several women in the Greenwood Square parking lot.

One alleged victim says she couldn't believe it happened.

When Amy Cash got out of her car to go into the Kroger on Scottsville Road Sept. 2, she says that's when a black Ford Explorer pulled in behind her car.

"He yelled at me. He said, 'Hey lady,' and that's when I turned around. That's when he exposed himself to me. And I was pretty shocked. Too shocked to actually say anything," Cash says.

This isn't the first or only exposure that has happened recently.

Bowling Green Police have received five complaints between July 28 and Sept. 2.

"The complainants have stated that he's both exited his vehicle and stayed in his vehicle," says Officer Ryan Dillon with Bowling Green Police.

Amy Cash says the man who exposed himself to her stayed in the vehicle.

Two other instances have occurred where victims say the man got out of his car.

Both complainants have given the same description.

"The complainants called the Bowling Green Police Department, and stated that there was a black male with tattoos on his face driving a black SUV that exited his vehicle. And exposed himself to her," Officer Dillon says.

Police say the complaints they're getting are often delayed by ten or fifteen minutes, making it difficult to locate the person doing this.

"If this happens to you we know that it's traumatizing but do your best to get that description for us as soon as possible. That way there isn't a delay in the call time," Officer Dillon says.

Amy Cash says she did not contact police immediately.

"I posted just a little blurb on Facebook and I was like, 'Man in the black Ford Explorer, next time I'm going to get your license plate', and that is when a former student of mine, Brad Hague, who is on the police force, messaged me," she says.

Cash's complaint was the fifth complaint.

There has not been a complaint since Sept. 2.

If this man exposes himself to you, police are asking you to call 911, immediately.

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