"My Voice, My Vote, My Right" at Warren Central High

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Election day is drawing near and some local organizations are reminding everyone to vote. A conference at Warren Central High School called "My Voice, My Vote, My Right" hopes senior citizens remember their vote matters.

"A lot of the residents don't realize that they can vote and it is important that they vote no matter if it's a local election or a national election they need to be able to voice their right to vote," says Teresa Whitaker from the Barren River Long Term Care Ombudsman Program.

While many elderly don't use their right to vote some have had a change of heart. Gertha Escue attended Tuesday's forum. She plans to vote in this years presidential election for the first time.

"All the years that I never voted my vote might have made a difference and maybe this year my vote will make a difference," says Escue.

Escue hopes the difference she makes by casting her vote will improve the country in the long run.

"It is important to vote and help get the right person in office to maybe help the United States with the economy and all the other things they need help with," says Escue.

Some are even more vocal about voting, claiming more rights should go to those who cast a ballot.

"Well if they aren't going to vote they shouldn't have rights to other things. It is important," says Hazel.

That importance and passion senior citizens have for voting has caught the attention of many nursing homes who often provide transportation to polling places on election day or help residents use absentee ballots.

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