NFL Playoffs Boost Business At Local Sports Bars

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- It's a big time of the year for NFL football.

As playoffs continue, sports fans are filling local sports bars to watch the games on TV.

Servers at Overtime Sports Bar & Grill say business really picks up this time of year.

They say fans really get into the games -- even though they're not actually at the game.

"Wild and loud and everybody gets into it, people cheer and it's exciting," said Chelsea Campbell, a server.

"Very exciting, very upbeat, very fast-paced. We don't get to watch the games, of course, because we're constantly moving, so it's a very, very exciting atmosphere," said Leanna Jones, another server.

The servers especially like having the extra patrons because they end up going home with more money themselves.

They also say specials are offered at Overtime during the games.

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