Narrow's Marina Prepares to Reopen

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- The owner of the Narrow's Marina (on Barren River Lake) says two hundred fifty thousand pounds of snow caused a dock to collapse on top of at house boats and pontoons.

"As of today, we've got all the roof structure gone. All of the legs gone. So, we've really just got an open slip dock now. We got finished ahead of time. If we can keep going like that, then I'm hoping we can have the dock completely fixed and back up within ninety days," said Wayne Shelton, owner of Narrow's Marina.

At least four house boats and two pontoons were crushed by the roof collapse.

"Four of the boats that were here, were scrapped. They had enough damage on them that they weren't worth fixing," said Wayne Shelton, owner of Narrow's Marina.

Unfortunately, one boat did sink to the bottom. A diver is scheduled to swim to the bottom of the lake tomorrow to examine how the boat is positioned.

"He'll go down and hook air bags to the boat. He's got a controller that will sit up on the dock here. He'll air up every bag he needs in order to bring the boat up the correct way. Once he gets it back to the surface of the water, when the cabin starts coming out, he will start pumping water out. He will start opening windows and doors, letting the water equalize from outside to inside," said Wayne Shelton, owner of Narrow's Marina.

The season opening for Narrows Marina is scheduled for mid April. The owners say they are excited to reopen. Shelton says the state dock is accommodating boats that aren't able to fit at Narrow's Marina while construction is still underway.

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