Narrow's Marina Recovers Boats

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- The roof at Narrow's Marina (Barren River Lake) is coming off of boats piece by piece. Crews are working diligently and safely, attempting to recover what they can out of the water.

“We've probably removed about twenty five percent of the roof and fifty percent of the snow load off,” said Wayne Shelton, owner of Narrow's Marina.

The owner, Wayne Shelton, says at least four house boats and two pontoons were crushed early Monday morning, after snow weighed down a portion of the dock's roof.

"About an inch and a half to two inches of is snow still on it. We're scooping it off to lighten it up, so the docks will come up and the boats that are under them will come up," said Wayne Shelton, owner of Narrow's Marina.

"When you figure up water per square foot, inch thick, is roughly about 4.89 pounds. When you figure out the square footage that is up there, you're talking about two hundred something thousand pounds on top of that roof. It bent the post legs over, laying the roof over right on top of the boats," said Wayne Shelton, owner of Narrow's Marina.

Shelton and crews were up and down the dock today, strategizing the best way to remove the heavy metals and save these boats.

"Safety is the biggest struggle. You have to be very careful, take your time and not get into a hurry. As long we we can do that and get the roof off of it, we can come in from the sides and get the purlin off. As we do that, then it will start disappearing," said Wayne Shelton, owner of Narrow's Marina.

Unfortunately, one boat did sink after the roof collapse. Shelton plans to work on that recovery after all of the visible mess is moved off the water.

One house boat was coming off the water this afternoon and the rest are expected to be out early next week.
Shelton continues to urge siteseers to steer clear of the dock, to ensure safety.

"No one on the dock except personnel. If I call you to tell you to come get your boat or something then we will help you get your boat out," said Wayne Shelton, owner of Narrow's Marina.

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