UPDATE: National Corvette Museum Considering Keeping Sinkhole

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Construction in the Skydome at the National Corvette Museum has been stopped for weeks. Right now, the work is being done in meetings focused on what to do with the 40 foot gap. Surprisingly enough, some of those plans have it staying permanently.

"We're talking about preserving a portion of the sinkhole. Whether it's putting plexiglass over it, putting a bridge over it, or stairs down in it, or any combination of the above," said National Corvette Museum Communications Manager, Katie Frassinelli.

Those possibilities are being seriously thought through due to a rise in attendance the last couple months. March saw the museum get 56% more customers than usual, while April measured a 48% increase.

The idea of stairs down into the hole may sound impossible, but construction officials say they can make it happen.

"They would use soil penning. It's big steel rods that are screwed into the bank. Whether it's dirt or into the rock. Then there's a mesh put in-between these. Material is sprayed on there and that would structurally take care of the wall," explained Scott, Murphy, & Daniel CEO, Michael Murphy.

Murphy adds micro-piling used to hold up the perimeter and spire of the Skydome would be used to secure the upper and lower floors of the area to prevent another collapse.

It can be done, but ways to keep the hole aren't the only options. The idea of filling it back up is still on the table. Meaning a big decision is still wide open.

"By the end of May I feel like we'll know what direction we want to go. We know that everyone wants answers. We also want answers," added Frassinelli.

No matter what decision is made, construction will most likely go through August. That was a time officials had previously hoped to re-open the Skydome.

One official said another option being discussed is putting a few of the severely damaged cars back down in the hole, along with rocks as part of the permanent display to show visitors what it was really like the day the cars fell in.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (AP) -- The National Corvette Museum is considering keeping a sinkhole that swallowed eight Corvettes as an attraction because of the additional attendance it's generated.

Museum spokeswoman Katie Frassinelli recently told The Courier-Journal (http://cjky.it/1grr6Gc) that attendance at the museum located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, rose 56 percent in March and 48 percent last month after the 40-foot sinkhole formed Feb. 12.

Current visitors can see the sinkhole and museum officials are considering installing a glass floor or bridge above the hole. Frassinelli said stairs that would take visitors into the hole are also being considered.

Workers exhumed the last of the eight Corvettes in March. The sinkhole happened when the museum was closed, and no one was injured.

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