National Corvette Museum is Open for Normal Business

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Tourists still question the future of the National Corvette Museum after a sinkhole swallows eight vehicles displayed in the sky dome.

"We also walked in here and thought, are we going to sink into the ground or something like that?" said Earl Engel, National Corvette Museum tourist.

Museum officials have assured tourists that there is no safety concern with the rest of the museum.

"If we didn't have walls blocking off the sky dome, you wouldn't even know of the sink hole that happened yesterday. We have a lot of guests in the museum today. We also have school groups here and we're ready to get things moving and back to normal. We're ready to get the sky dome repaired, get the cars out of the hole and get them fixed," said Katie Frassinelli, National Corvette Museum's Marketing and Communications Manager.

Even with tourists coming to visit the corvettes, the sinkhole collapse is still a topic of interest.

"I thought maybe it broke a world record for the most money lost in a sink hole," said Jesse Kahn, National Corvette Museum tourist.

Most out of town tourists knew about the sinkhole before visiting and a lot of tourists are even calling to express concern.

"The phone calls have been overwhelming of course. The corvette community and people in the surrounding counties, have been calling to make sure we're okay and asking about the cars of course. Some people have even called to pray and say God bless us," said Pam Pillow, National Corvette Museum Receptionist.

Museum employees are making sure the tourists are still getting the detailed tour they deserve.

"We're trying to preserve history and we will preserve as much as we can of it and move on from here," said Ron Williams, National Corvette Museum employee.

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the National Corvette Museum. Officials hope to have it restored by the end of the summer. Chevrolet is restoring the corvettes after they are removed from the sinkhole.

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